Review Policy

What do I typically enjoy reading? While I’m content to make my way through my 1,000+ “to-read” list on Goodreads, I’m also happy to review books for publishers or authors! Either through a physical copy, via my Kindle app or an audiobook, I typically enjoy:

  • Psychological Thrillers & Suspense
  • True Crime
  • Books about Social Justice Issues and Current Events
  • Memoirs
  • Literature & Fiction (General)

However, I am generally willing and interested in trying new genres, and will not automatically turn down an offer because it does not fit into the above categories.

What can you expect of a review? I value honesty and would give nothing less during a review! All reviews will include a short description of the plot, my personal review of the book, a rating, a mention of where I received the book from (purchased myself, publisher, etc.) and additional information–like a link to purchase the book on Amazon or interesting background on the author. Additionally, I will also share the review on my Goodreads account and on Amazon, if available.

I will never sell or publish an ARC I receive. 

Other: If you are a business or brand that would like to collaborate on a project, post or giveaway, please contact me at