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Review: Desperate Girls by Laura Griffin

I feel like I’m finally getting into a good groove with Bibliophile’s Binge. I have the Desperate Girlsbeginning of a schedule for the next few months finished, I’m ahead on my reading schedule (thank you, #24in48readathon!), all my blog graphics are done (thank you, @LifeAsBinx!), and I’m ready to explore other content, memes, and expand a bit! I’ll be completely honest…I just jumped into starting this blog. There wasn’t much consideration in starting it; there was, however, intentionality in every decision I made, whether it was my name, the branding, or the books I choose to review. Despite me jumping into the deep end, I’m thankful for Bibliophile’s Binge, the book community, and the online friends I’ve made so far! And, I’m excited to bring you this next review because I truly enjoyed this book!

Desperate Girls by Laura Griffin, which will be released on August 7, starts with a murder…and doesn’t slow down until the end. Brynn Holloran, a defense attorney in Texas, is startled to find out a murderer she helped send to jail has escaped, and the main prosecutor on the case was suddenly, and violating murdered in her home. The timing of his escape is difficult, as Brynn and her law firm are distracted while preparing for a large trial; so, for their protection, the law firm hires a private security firm…including the brooding and mysterious head agent, Erik. A murderer is out there looking for Brynn; Brynn is focused on her case; Erik is focused on her protection. And they both somehow end up focused on each other…

Truly, Desperate Girls is one of the best combinations of crime, suspense and romance I have read this year! Griffin seamlessly blends these different genres and gives readers a dynamic, well-paced story, with a strong female lead. You get the quickened heartbeat during the climatic, suspenseful scenes, the constant questioning of “who-dunnit,” all with the added bonus of some steamy love scenes–without getting the over-the-top drama that romance novels are sometimes critiqued for. Goodreads has this listed as “Wolfe Security #1,” so I’m hoping we get some more interesting romantic thrillers with other attractive security guards in the future! Interested? Well, you still have time to support the author and pre-order Desperate Girls before it’s release next week!

Rating: 5/5

Best binged with: a dark stout–a dark, yet refreshing, drink!

[I received a digital, advanced reading copy from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.]

4 thoughts on “Review: Desperate Girls by Laura Griffin

  1. It is so hard to keep up with book blogging. I am editing and working on old posts (SEO, etc), which makes the present harder to schedule. I am getting in the groove too, though. We will get there.

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    1. So difficult! I feel like once I have a good grasp on things…I somehow manage to slip back (whether that’s my reading speed slows down, or I’m reading a particularly long book, or something)!

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