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Review: The Day I Lost You by Alex Sinclair

Y’all. So, I finished this book last weekend, right as its blog blitz/tour was wrapping up. Day I Lost YouAll the reviews I read raved about this book; they said people need to purchase it, that they never suspected the twist at the end, and that it left them reeling for more! And I just. didn’t. get. that. I know blog tours are usually put together by the publisher–right? I’ve never done one, so I don’t know all the details, but as a publisher, I’d never want to promote a review that spoke negatively of one of our works. So…can I even trust blog tours anymore? What if you get asked to participate and dislike the book? I just have so many questions…

But anyways…released for purchase earlier this month, The Day I Lost You by Alex Sinclair is a thriller/suspense novel of the “missing child” variety. In a semi-believable scene, Erika loses her daughter Alice (affectionately referred to as Bunny) when an elevator malfunctions and stops between two floors while trying to retrieve something from her ex-husband’s apartment; Bunny was able to get off safely, while Erika was stuck in the elevator and forced to use the stairs to get back to her daughter. Of course, when she reaches the seventh floor, there’s no sign of Bunny. The Day I Lost You is told using dual time periods, one while Erika frantically searches the 14-floor apartment building and one that details Erika’s pregnancy with Bunny and the demise of her marriage several years earlier. The people in the apartment complex seem less than helpful, almost suspicious, of Erika and no one can get in touch with Erika’s ex-husband, Michael. Using her motherly instincts, Erika begins a frantic search of the apartment building and is determined to get her daughter back.!

Well as all these reviews on the blog blitz raved about how they didn’t see the ending coming, I had mostly figured it out about halfway through the book. I obviously didn’t have all the details–but knew the general premise…and was right about it. It was a bit of a struggle for me to remain engaged, only because so much of the book happens in one location–the ex-husband’s apartment building–but the dual time periods help to break that up a bit. And, since I had mostly figured out the ending, I felt like I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. Despite the predictability (for me, anyways), it was a short, easy read that I finished in less than a day–without too much effort or time. So, if you need something short and fast-paced, The Day I Lost You may be a great pick for you!

Rating: 3/5

Best binged with: smooth, cold brew coffee…only because that’s what I did while sitting in a coffee shop reading this book! 

[I received a digital, advanced reading copy from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.]

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