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Review: This I Would Kill For by Anne Buist

What do other book bloggers and reviewers do when they are less than pleased with a book? Still review it? Just move on? I can only imagine the emotional and mental energy it takes to write and successfully publish a novel, so I feel a little off or unsettled by kill forleaving a bad review. But alas…This I Would Kill by Anne Buist is the first sub-three star review to hit Bibliophile’s Binge.

This novel follows Dr. Natalie King, a forensic psychiatrist, as she is pulled into a custody battle and is tasked with determining if a eight-year old girl is being abused, and which parent would be a better long-term guardian. Throughout the novel, you also get to learn about King’s own background, mental health issues, and her unexpected pregnancy. The story progresses via social media posts and published articles, Dr. King’s sessions with the family, and the actual court proceedings. Ultimately, is this child being abused? By who? And, in the wake of her parents divorce, who would be her best long-term guardian?

I’m sorry, but this book. was. so slow. I felt like I was forcing myself to read it, instead of naturally just yearning to know “whodunnit.” I never connected with any of the characters–the parents were naturally set-up to be suspicious, Dr. King wasn’t sympathetic at all, and all the surrounding characters were too conflicting to fully invest in. The whole story builds up learning something pivotal in Dr. King’s personal life, as well as the answer to the question of abuse and access. As I wasn’t invested in the character, the former wasn’t satisfying to me as a reader. The former, however, is a different story. You are given multiple suspects to think about…and then all that time invested wasn’t worth it. And unfortunately, this “twist” didn’t give me that “OMG” moment that most thrillers or suspense novels do. Overall, I think Anne Buist is a good writer–but many this particular story and these characters just weren’t my cup of tea.

Rating: 2/5

Best binged with: you tell me–because it took me five-ever to get through this read and bingeing just wasn’t a realistic option. 

[I received a digital, advanced reading copy from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.]

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