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Review: Come Matter Here by Hannah Brencher

Come Matter Here

I’ve been following Hannah Brencher and her blog for a good five years; one of her posts went viral and I remember sending it to all my girlfriends and spending hours digging through the rest of her blog posts. I pre-ordered her first book, If You Find This Letter: My Journey to Find Purpose Through Hundreds of Letters to Strangers, and am excited that my pre-ordered copy of Come Matter Here: Your Invitation to Be Here in a Getting There World has finally arrived! For anyone that has struggled with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues, been frustrated by our hyper-connected world, or is just a fan or beautifully written words, I highly recommend any and all of hb’s work.

Just hitting shelves last month, Come Matter Here details Brencher’s personal story dealing with depression and anxiety, the people and places that helped her dig out of that hole, and how she continues to manage those struggles, while remaining rooted and surrounded by love. Brencher always loved Atlanta and dreamed of moving there. When she finally did, she wasn’t immediately met with the sense of community or the feeling of being rooted as she was expecting. Together with these normal struggles during a time of transition, Brencher was also battling with mental health issues and struggling to know her worth. This memoir is raw and beautifully written.

Brencher is a Christian writer, and I am not religious–in any sense of the word. Despite that difference, non-Christian readers can still learn from Brencher’s story. I found value in her conversations around being present, in investing in others and in relationships, and in working through struggles during time of transition. She is also just a beautiful writer; some people have such a way with words and Hannah can easily paint a picture and paint raw emotions. Prepared to feel broken, full and hopeful–all at the same time. Despite your background, you’ll be sure to find some commonalities with Hannah as you share in the no-so-beautiful moments of the human experience. Just do yourself a favor an buy. this. book. now.

Rating: 5/5

Best binged with: a glass of wine, to help you appreciate Hannah’s remarkable prose and focus on the tough life questions she continues to ask. 

[This book and review was a personal choice, and was not given to me to review.]

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