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Review: Boob Job: Confessions of a Professional Bra Fitter by Natalee Woods

Boob JobDid I think my first review was going to be on a book about a professional bra fitter? Certainly not. But alas, thus is the nature of my bookshelf…a constant revolving door of new genres and authors. I also just recently join NetGalley (I know! Where have I been for the last few years?) and have started receiving books to review! Which lands us here…with Boob Job: Confessions of a Professional Bra Fitter by Natalee Woods.

Boob Job, which will be released March 26, 2019, is marketed as a “special combination of memoir and dressing room tell-all,” and I would have to agree.  To me, this book is part humor, part self-help guide–all wrapped up in a memoir that reads like a novel full of vignettes. Natalee shares how the job “professional bra fitter” continued to fall into her lap and how specific customers–including an aging grandmother, a woman in transition, a young woman looking for her first set of lingerie, and a stripper–all left an impression or taught her a lesson while working at a popular department store. Surrounded by bits of Natalee’s personal relationships, romantic endeavors and family issues, readers are left an easy and lighthearted read.

Written as short vignettes that push the larger narrative, some parts of the story are slower than others, while some parts are actually quite humorous. The best parts of the memoir were the times we spent with Natalee and her customers in the dressing rooms–having often unexpected conversations about real life issues: aging, confidence and body image, love and loss, health, sexuality, independence and freedom, and self-love. A quick read–it only took me one evening and half a bottle of wine–but one I definitely would recommend if you’re looking for something light, easy to read, funny…all tossed in with a few life lessons along the way.

Rating: 4/5

Best binged with: a fruity drink, like a strawberry daiquiri, and some laughs with your best girlfriends. 

[I received a digital, advanced reading copy from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.]

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